Apple TV 3 Jailbreak

Snow3rd is the first ever jailbreaking tool for jailbreaking Apple TV3. It is specially designed for Apple TV3, but you can use it to jailbreak other versions such as Apple TV2 as well. This tool can be used to jailbreak any iOS version up to iOS 5.0.2. Snow3rd is untethered jailbreak tool. That means you do not need a computer to reboot your Apple TV3.

Check the following before jailbreaking your Apple TV3

  • iTunes 10.5 or higher
  • Windows based PC ( Windows XP or higher )
  • Apple TV with iOS 5.0 or higher
  • Micro USB cable

Find the first and only jailbreaking tool for Apple TV3. Here is a video guide which describes how to jailbreak Apple TV3

Why do we jailbreak Apple TV ?

Now you know that you can jailbreak Apple TV using Snow3rd tool but you may be wondering why this process is needed for Apple TV. Here we discuss some of the benefits you can get by jailbreaking it.

Customized menus

Adding slideshows and weather menu to your main menu can be done easily after jailbreaking it. Also jailbreaking allows hiding menus, customizing screen saver settings in your device.


XBMC portal changes your jailbroken Apple TV with amazing custom themes.

More media content

Jailbreaking allows you more media contents such as ESPN, Hulu,, Amazon, Pandora, A&E, PBS, CBS, ABC, MTV, NBA and many more.

Web browsing

Install Webkit browser on the device after jailbreaking, and enjoy web browsing on Apple TV.

Remote HD

Control your Apple TV with your iDevice. Download remote HD from the store and enjoy.

Try out jailbreaking your Apple TV. Follow the previous guide for easy steps to do it.

Apple TV Jailbreak

Apple, first released the Apple TV in 2007 (popular as iTV) and now it has passed three generations with the latest released in 2012.Apple TV jailbreak is not a new concept to those who are using Apple devices. All the three versions of Apple TV (ATV), including the current version have now been jailbroken, enabling many features for your ATV as discussed in the previous post. The first generation of ATV only warns about the warranty removals of modifying ATV but does not prevent its users from modifying. ATV2, which came to role in 2010, was the first to run on iOS based Operating system. Greenpois0n brought up a better jailbreak solution than Seas0nPass or PwnageTool in 2011.

In 2012, ATV3 was released with an Operating system based on iOS5.1. Although there were much restrictions for third party applications on ATV3, Snow3rd succeed in Apple TV jailbreak for the third generation and now it is widely used among almost all of ATV3 users. Apple has revised the ATV3 in 2013 (ATV3 Rev A) with slight modifications. The next step will be ATV4 and the ATV fans are eagerly expecting it in the near future.